Hysterical Fiction

By Bonnie L. Schermer

Aaltje of Aurora, Indiana

1773 - 1819

Aaltje of Aurora book cover.

Aaltje the Dutch housemaid marries the youngest son of her wealthy employer, not realizing that his life plans include transporting his entire family from New Jersey, across Pennsylvania by Conestoga wagon, down the Ohio River by flatboat, to the Indiana Territory. Thus, Aaltje becomes part of the flood of pioneers who settle the Northwest Territory as the Native Americans retreat.

This story focuses on the everyday life of women who immigrated to Indiana in 1811, and incorporates the variety of characters they would have encountered. This is the second part of a saga based on the Norris family genealogy, but includes parts of the Hendrickson family genealogy. It is intended as the first in a series exploring every day life in the history of Indiana along the Ohio River. As the family was located in Dearborn County, it focuses on the history of Lawrenceburg and Aurora, Indiana before, during and after the War of 1812.

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